• Large containers for bulk products
    Liquids and solids
  • Suitable for all kind of products
    Fruits, seeds, juices, powders, extracts, wines, flavorings, adhesives, nails, paints, rubber, oils, etc.
  • Easy to carry
    Its low weight and volume make them very easy to transport
  • Easily stackable     
    They are highly resistant to stowage
    making the most of available
    plant and warehouse space.
  • Taking less volume
    The containers are delivered folded
    and take 5 times less volume than traditional containers,
    achieving great efficiency in the supply.
  • Optimizing space
    The containers allow maximum optimization of space
    in oversea containers, transporting 20% more product.
    This way it achieves a significant saving in cost of freight
    and therefore a lower environmental impact.

About Us

Since 1999 DYNTEC is a leading company in the development of paperboard containers for liquid and solid bulk products.



To offer overall packaging solutions that make the shipment of goods safe and efficient to any destination worldwide, that meet with the newest international regulations, ensure and guarantee the time-to-market of our customers products.



Stay at the avant-garde of developments of innovative, sustainable, efficient and reliable packaging solutions. Continuous improvement of our processes and our R+D



Develop close and lasting relationships with our customers and associates ensuring honesty, transparency and our best efforts to build a mutual respect together with our customers, our associates and our community.



Contribute to the CO2 Footprint reduction to protect our natural resources.


In 1997 when the Kyoto Protocol was signed and since 2005 when it was implemented the largest developed countries committed to reach specific goals limiting their CO2 emissions. This decision had a big impact on packaging shifting to recyclable, reusable and biodegradable with an important bias to reduce fossil based raw materials.
It is estimated that over the next 35 years the world population will grow by 2,500 million consumers who will join the 6,000 million today (Source: WorldBank). Also the overall purchasing power is growing year after year, allowing more people to increase their consumption levels. This will generate a growing demand will undoubtedly impact on international trade.

Operational Advantages

Approved in contact with food . They perfectly replace the wood as they do not require phytosanitary treatment, since they are made with virgin material free of microorganisms. Low weight generates significant savings in operations in which cost by weight acquires relevance.
Its logistics efficiency enables to save 80% freight space.
Erected fast and extremely safe for operators as it does not require nails or splinters, as it is packaged and folded.

Food contact
Replaces wood
Low weight
Efficient logistics
Less assembly time

Value Chain

Inbound Logistics
more info Our containers are delivered folded and hold 5 times less volume than traditional containers

In-house plant management
more info Within the plant, our packaging is handled with great savings of equipment and personnel due to its low weight and volume, achieving greater efficiency. They are very easy to assemble and do not require specialized personnel or equipment. Its filling is fast and simple.

Outbound Logistics
more info Easily stackable, the containers allow maximum optimization of space in oversea containers, transporting 20% more product. Thefore it achieves a significant cost saving of freight and consequently a lower environmental impact.

Handling in Destination plant
more info At final destination, our containers are easy to handle, stow, transport and dismantle, using little space and eliminating all types of administrative management for its process.

Reduction, Reuse and Recycling
more info The containers are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Once drained they fold easily for later reuse or recycling. They reduce storage costs transfer and final replacement, reducing the emission of carbon dioxide over its entire useful life.